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The influence of inferior motor on CNC winding machine
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CNC winding machine is a special equipment for the electronics industry. It is also much higher than ordinary equipment. Now, the influence of power supply on the winding machine and how to avoid it.

The controller is the core of CNC winding machine. The quality of the inferior motor will directly affect the normal operation of the controller. The power supply of the factory often occurs in the power supply of the power grid.

Supply source by unstable power grid disturbance after prone to crashes, black, parts out of the bad state, usually in the workshop layout should provide special power supply and other measures to ensure the precision equipment of the power supply.

CNC winding machine is usually equipped with a spindle motor, step into the motor wire winding, wire motor power components, they are responsible for the equipment of winding, cable, tension on line technology, higher requirements on the quality of power supply and unstable power supply will appear abnormal heat, jitter, loss of motor

Step and other issues, the long run is also easy to damage the motor internal coil. Stable power supply is one of the necessary conditions for the normal operation of the winding machine, the user should pay attention to the various details of the equipment used in the process to make the equipment work in a good environment, to play its maximum efficiency.

The influence of inferior motor on CNC winding machine



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