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How to upgrade the old precision winding machine
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Electrician electrical manufacturing enterprises more and more by the precise winding machine line to improve efficiency, increase productivity, many of the early old winding machine is facing are eliminated, the sale of second-hand destiny, but in fact of old precise winding machine line upgrading is good, not only can to garage use, also

Can more fully develop the remaining value, so how to upgrade the old winding machine equipment to upgrade it, specifically with the CNC winding machine manufacturers to understand it!

The first is to upgrade the feasibility of the old equipment, precision winding machine due to the different time of manufacture, equipment configuration and mechanism are not the same, the components of these devices can re-use, directly affect the upgrading of the feasible degree, for those institutions and numerical control, speed control system can not match the model, it can not achieve upgrading.

Second is from the part of the device from the hand of the transformation, the general upgrading and transformation are the use of the existing mechanical structure and power components of the old equipment, the installation of modern winding process control system, speed control mechanism and some electrical control accessories to the reality of the basic functions of automatic winding.

Finally, it is necessary to say that the modification of precision winding machine, the original structure of the device should be considered in the modification of its strength and function requirements, as far as possible the use of the configuration of the existing mechanism to achieve the required function, according to the reform cost to choose a reasonable configuration.

How to upgrade the old precision winding machine


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