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Take you into the development history of the winding machine
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Machine is the inevitable product of industrial development, it has driven the rapid development of the society, but also further liberated people's life. And the winding machine has experienced a history of how to develop it?

Winding is the high tech products, the demand for labor in the industry, and the emergence of the winding machine can effectively reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency and improve product quality. It is a common processing equipment in the production industry, the development process can be divided into manual and semi-automatic.

Fully automatic, the full experience of more than half a century, the winding machine was originally made in 1960s in Europe and the United States, and our country is in the initial stage of reform and opening up the introduction of machinery. Into the 90's, with the development of market economy, the manufacturing industry led by many fields into the high-speed development stage, which led to the development of the winding machine, after twenty-first Century, China has mastered its core technology, production of products is more rapid, accuracy, efficiency is greatly improved.

Of course, does not mean that progress is backward, the future of the technology will tend to be intelligent, automatic direction of development, how to adapt to the trend of social development, is worth thinking about the enterprise.


Take you into the development history of the winding machine


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