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Essential condition for making high quality coil for precision winding machine
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We all know that around the machining line coil smoother its electrical and mechanical properties, the better, but in actual around processing line often appear uneven coil and overlapping ends line, dropped calls and other common problems, in fact, to around of a flat coil, in addition to a high accuracy of precision winding machine outside.

Also need to cooperate with the accessory process. So that the two can complement each other, and finally around the system out of the coil will be more smooth and delicate. The following is a brief talk about the formation of a number of conditions required to make flat coil:

First of all, to choose a good wound around the mold and skeleton. Mold and frame is the key part of the wire and forming, it determines the shape of the coil, the mold in the loading and unloading must be equipped with effective fastening, the skeleton should be as possible as possible to choose the overall, the deformation of the joint skeleton is generally larger, is not conducive to the exact line of the precision winding machine, high product frame is the key to the whole column coil.

Secondly, to rationally set the parameters of the winding line. Our production of precision winding machine has adopted the 32 bit ARM control chip, the system of high degree of automation, responsible for the entire device of the linkage operation of the entire device, parameter setting determines whether its operation is in line with the requirements of the process, so that the user must be based on their own needs, the right and reasonable set of relevant parameters. Only in this way can we make the machine control system to fully play its role, around the system out of exquisite coil.

In the end, the tension control of the winding process is the accessory process. Tension control of coil and the close degree has a great relationship, it set should reference paint package safety line tension values, and combining with the actual process needs to be adjusted, tension value is too small, around which a coil system prone to cable is loose and imprecise, coil shape is too big, tension value convention enameled wire produce paint, break, and so on, correct the value of tension control of coil forming to the key role.

Essential condition for making high quality coil for precision winding machine


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